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We are pleased to present you our new blog: Història d’un futur, a project started by a group of people from Girona and Olot about the old people and the sovereignty process Catalunya is walking into.

Our intention is to gather and to transmit the opinion of an old people group about this process, their expectations and their fears.

We want the old people collectives to know these opinions. The ones who have the same fears, are worried about their salary or their grandchildren.

The project is being made with a lot of enthusiasm to get to a lot of people and that is why we will keep you updated with all the actions we do, our interviews, the promotional videos and everything related to it.

We invite you to share the videos, especially with your parents or grandparents that could probably be in the same situation if they are 70 or more.

You can visit the blog again because we will have a lot of new things to tell you every week.

See you soon.

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