El Berros de la Cort

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It was September and it was hot. The children wanted to pony up for a walk and we were tired o fwalking around Castelló d’Empúries, a very beautiful town and very special when September turns into a medieval village.

berros-de-la-cort-05Suddenly we hear in the distance drums, pipes and tarotas and the murmuring of the people who were rising and a group of musicians appear dressed in a very peculiar style and, like the rats in the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a large group of people started to follow them and the years have passed and still excites me to find the mandlet myself be seduced by their sound intensity.

If I have to some how qualify their music, I will say it is medieval, traditional, punk, classical, serious but also irreverent and their sound and quality almost perfect.


The day that I proposed them to make us the music for this documentary project they did not thought it twice. Despite being working in other tasks, doing concerts and going strangled of time, they have create us this wonderful soundtrack of the project and I promise you musical surprises in the documentary…and beyond it! Butshhshhthisis still a secret!


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