Interviewed “Història d’un futur”

Josep, Dolors, Paco, Maria Rosa, José, Roser, Ferran and JuanCarlos. For sure, all these names don’t sound familiar to you but we can sure you they have a lot to tell.

They are all the characters we have chosen for our documentary, very different people, all of them with different beginnings, with a lot of stories to tell us, but there’s one thing they all agree with, they want to vote for the independence of Catalonia with a lot of strength and a lot of reasons.

Josep told us about all his experiences when he was at the war, the pain all his family had to be through and everything he was forced to do and to think.

Paco told us how important it’s to be a multicultural country, where the language mustn’t be imposed and about the importance of introducing the people who speak Spanish to make the independence go on.

Dolors, after a whole life of deprivation, got engaged to the culture and she is defending its freedom as a main point of making the people survive.

Jose talked about what has been going on for a long time very clearly, about how we were forced to make silence and to swallow Catalonia, and about everything that we were to think, were great gains.

Ferran admits he was one of the first immigrants who arrived to Figueres. His heart tells him he is a Catalan who was born in Galícia, and that’s what he is defending.

Juan Carlos reminds us that it is not correct that people think one think is white and the following day, when we wake up, the government has turned everything into black.

Roser feels very respectful about all the villages in the world. She doesn’t like some of the governments which have had the power in Spain but she reminds us that all of us have Spanish relatives.

Maria Rosa insisted the Catalan example to fight for the basic rights of the people, and that this example would spread to other stateless nations.

You will be able to listen to them very soon and for sure you will agree with their words

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