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Història d’un Futur is a documentary for everybody and for free. With the distribution of this documentary through different media we want to come to an end of the long process that started at the beginning of 2014.

This doesn’t mean that with publication of this documentary on internet authors want to wash their hands off. On the contrary. With this publication we aim to reach more people and share this experience among people of our country and outside. Thinking about it, we made two more versions some time ago and as it is that you will be able to watch it in:

Original version without subtitles Youtube HD

Original version without subtitles Vimeo HD

Spanish subtitle Youtube HD

Spanish subtitle Vimeo HD

English subtitles Youtube HD

English subtitles Vimeo HD


Enjoy sharing and downloading our documentary.

Many of you already know that the documentary team of “Història d’un Futur”, music group, Els Berros de la Cort and the rest of people who collaborated in this project did it in altruistic way and just thinking about our country. Now, you can watch and listen OST in many internet videos, in the videos you will find a link to download it for free. (See conditions)

We also want you to know that if anybody is interested to get this DVD, can still do it sending an e-mail to historiadunfutur@gmail.com

To download from internet the OST, it doesn´t mean you shouldn´t buy one and have it at home, in the box you will find both CD and DVD.

Money from sales of these DVD will go to cover production costs, but soon we will stop the sales and we will present you the balance sheet.

What will we do with this money? It will go straight to ANC (Catalonia National Assembly) as a donation. This is not a business for us!!!

DVD Història d’un futur

This documentary is dedicated to those people who fought for this country and they are not with us any longer. Specially these goes to two people who were part in this project and they left us recently, Mrs. Maria Dolors Duocastella (Suri) and Mr. Santi Pons, who couldn’t see the end of the film.


“When I work for the country I always do it without any personal gain”

Montserrat Carulla, July 2014


As she say, HDF team think exactly the same, and because of that we make easy to download all the videos generated in that project.

This documentary is free and we can share, project in public, send….

This documentary has been done in altruistic way and with a thought about our country, so it´s completely forbidden to sell for gain purposes in any format, no public projection, no analog or digital formats.

It´s not allowed to cut, reproduce without permission of the legitimate owners.

You can ask permission from historiadunfutur@gmail.com

Legal deposit : DL Gi 1482-2014

We reserve the rights to take legal actions in case if you break any of these rules.

Història d’un futur (Original version without subtitles)

Història d’un futur (Spanish subtitle)

Història d’un futur (English subtitles)

2 Comments on Història d’un futur, Download links

  1. Emocionant i sàvia exposició d’una generació que ha patit, però malgrat tot conserva la il·lusió i l’esperança en un futur millor. El vers del Canigó,genial!. Felicitats pel documental que s’hauria de difondre per TV3, perquè el pogués gaudir tothom

    • hdfutur // 15/03/2015 at 20:58 // Reply

      Gràcies Ana per els teu comentari. Pel que comentes de TV3 tens tota la raó del món. Nosaltres fa més de sis mesos ja els vàrem oferir el documental, tant a ells com a la Xarxa, una i l’altre són públiques. Totes dues cadenes han declinat passar el documental tot i tenir un cost 0. Hi ha d’altres cadenes locals que sí l’han passat cosa que els hi ho agraïm molt.

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