José Boix-Ochoa

Retrat de José Boix-Ochoa ©2014 hdfutur

José Boix-Ochoa was born in Valencia in 1936. He was son of a paediatrician, he studied paediatric studies in Valencia and then in Germany. He joined as chief of paediatric surgery at Valld’Hebron in Barcelona and with 29 years old he already managed his department. He rose in a very conservative environment where the Catalan language was not very well regarded, and subsequently he has always used Spanish language as usual.
He creates a family in Barcelona and he develops his professional career to retire in a country house in Maresme where he receives us to do the documentary interview.
José, with a liberal thought, show himself as a critic of the political events which have led to the current situation, as well for the arrogance of some ones and as well for the negotiating compromise of the other ones who have always traded by the minimum requirement. The current situation is the consequence. He remembers the transition illusion and how it has been completely deflated.
During the interview he does not want to say anything about the 9N vote, but he emphasized that democracy means that Catalans can vote on November 9th.
He is very sorry to see how the current health is nowadays and he would like to see a country which becomes a leader in healthcare as it had been.
At the end, he relies on the younger generations to take responsibility on the Catalan process, and he waves us with a pearl:

“We are the past; you are the present trying to build a future. We have no present, we live the past and we know our future and it is getting closer.”

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