Josep Vinyet

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The story is twisted. And if more over you are alive for 94 years, for sure that your life has made you give a lot of spins. As if we do not understand a tortellanenc from Garrotxa that when he was young he had to fled to France and then he went to the “national” side of the Civil War to save his life, he fought with the Third of Christ King of extreme Franco supporters and now he is a strong supporter of the separatist cause? Ah, life takes many spins!

Vinyet is one of the most comprehensive people that have been interviewed in this documentary. His unclewas killed by thereds, he fled todo the grape harves tin France, he fought the Nationalists, he established in Cerdanya where he was a cultural promoter, author of several books and local politician loved by many people. And now he can not understand that our taxes are being used to fill holes that they do not help to develop in those areas where they get themor he neither can understand that they play with the language which they are teaching our children.

The most common phrase in the documentary is a:

“the broccoli is over”

in a sense way. He is Catalan and independence and even though he doubts that he is going to see a free Catalonia that he wishes. With 94 years the future time is very short.

Thanks Vinyet for your insight, despite being nearly 100 years of life to your shoulders and for the testimony that you confer on in this documentary.

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  1. Francesc Padrós i Corominas // 05/02/2015 at 14:00 // Reply

    Diu que va lluitar amb els “nacionals”. Nacionals d’on? L’única denominació justa de l’exercit franquista es “feixista”. Amb tot el respecte pel Sr. Vinyet, però em sap greu que es segueixi utilitzant aquesta denominació incorrecte. És clar que segueix pendent deixar les coses al seu lloc. En una futura Catalunya independent caldrà recuperar tota la memòria i la veritable història. Tinc 77 anys i modestament vaig lluitar contra el franquisme. També m’agradaria veure Catalunya independent.

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