Juan Carlos Lorenzo

entrevista hdfutur

Juan Carlos Lorenzo, we could say that he is the character who has more humor in the documentary with his words and manner of expression, but no longer very important.

He is a retired pathologist doctor, who starts college in the 60s and tells us that is in that time when he began to realize that something was happening, wondering, who was that Franco? At that time he looked it more as a social movement than an identity movement.

Showing his sense of humor he shows himself very angry with the treatment that Catalonia receives, with the bravery they treat us, with a kick to the statute, that make him feel more as subject of a colony not as a citizen and he can not cope with this.

When we asked him about the fiscal balances and the distribution of money he does not understand the way they treat us, he considers that Catalonia is the”hen that lays the golden eggs” and instead of taking care of us they tread more and more.

He does not he sitate for a second to affirm that the Catalan language should be the official one, but we can be bilingualas we have been since the time of transition,”the immersion is great,” he said.

After thein terview he asked if he had moved a lot during the recording because he felt tired, and believe us that he did not stop a second, he is active as a child!

Juan Carlos is a person from whom we learned so much and with whom we had a great time.


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