Ma Dolors Duocastella, “Suri”

Entrevista hdf la Suri

It was a Wednesday afternoon in April when we went to Terrassa to meet Maria Dolors. A common friend had put us in touch. That day we met the couple, Floreal Soriguera was also there. The flat was small and cozy and all the corners were occupied of her works, paints, poems, books and pictures. A whole life took up on the walls of that house.

Maria Dolors told us many life experiences, such as when her father was killed during the Civil War to be right-wing Republican, and her orphan stay trauma, her art and even the terrible experience to be in the prison. At that time we did not know or even imagine the great human dimension of “Suri”.

What a great woman, physically small, but with a great personality, always ready to work for the well-beingof the others,to claim what is right full your part as citizens, to work to build a new country for everyone, and every thing always with enthusiasm, energy and excitement.

Some days later we did her the interview, shewas so cute, she would beat all timesinthe best angleof the cameraand she explained usin great detailanecdotes and experiencesof her life.Unfortunately,19 days later she died; it was a shock, it is difficult to overcomeand workfor hours and hourswith the image andsound of aperson whohas just left us.

Maria Dolors was born in Manresa in 1926 and when she was very young she moved to Terrassa where she had a full life dedicated to art and to defense the civil rights and the right of the Catalans to live in freedom.

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