Paco Martínez

Entrevista hdfutur 2014

“The truth is that I feel Spanish, I do not give up my Spanish roots. But right now I feel very Catalan.”

With this phrase Paco defines himself.

Many people think that the fact to feel both Spanish and Catalan is inconsistent, Spanish because it’s your country, where you are from, your family, your customs…Catalan for the roots you do in a place where you’ve worked and lived much time of your life where your children and grandchildren have grown.

Paco speaks Spanish, the language which he was taught when he was a child, and he thinks that if someone had taught Catalan to him, now he will speak it as well as he speaks Spanish. He is an experienced political man, or as he considers himself a “political animal.” Since early age he surrounded the Left PSUC then he moved to the PSOE’s and PSC’s federation safter.

Disillusioned with the treatment Spain gives to Catalonia, understanding their governments and their policies, he decided to leave the military and join the fight for the independence of our small country.

He does not believe that is necessary to be a nationalist to be independent because what we’re looking for is not to be independent with the acquired vices from now a days, if not to create from the beginning a new country free and fair for everyone who lives here.

“We have the right to vote, to become independence and in addition to be wrong.”

If Paco was a young man around forty years old, for sure that he would be in the first line policy nowadays.

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