Presentation Història d’un Futur

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The Origin

The project Història d’un Futur stats basically from Marc Clarió’s encouragement, a restless man who is professionally getting into the world of audiovisuals, coming from a previous idea of Bernat Garrigós, who has shared other cultural projects with Marc. Both of them act as promoters of the project and they propose to gather a professional team to cover the different technical areas that had to be taken in account to do a documentary with interviews.

The next one who joined the team was Pau Gaya, an ex-member of an audiovisual producer and our informatics technician in the project. Joan Carles is the responsible of photography and video, a great man with a camera on his shoulder. Ester Bertran is our journalist, who writes the questions and directs part of the contents behind the microphone. Quim Alegret is the voice of the conscience, always willing to the constructive critics in all the ways of knowledge. He can use cameras, microphones, lights and everything, which is needed. Carles is the responsible of sound, who makes everything sound without being out of tune and as clearest as possible.  Lola Pizarro takes all the pictures of the group and the interviewed people, but only when she is allowed to do it and when we are not recording. Ana Mosquero, apart from being behind the cameras, she also coordinates the social networks, blogs, twitter, facebook and instagram. She is a big woman. JR (Joan Ramon Planas), the designer who has designed the logos and the uncountable changes. Sònia Benítez and Lluïsa Salas have given their all to transcribe all the interviews. Neus Brugué and Paula Alegret have corrected and translated all the texts into Catalan, Spanish and English. The last one to join the team is Marc Surià, who has corrected all the colors and has fixed all the illumination defects after having recorded in different places every interview.

All the team, even though most of them are professional people, works with no interests, with the willing to do a good project, which will allow us to spread the message these old people want to tell us.

We want to thank all of them for their collaboration and to all the partners and children who are putting up with a lot of weekends and evenings without their loved relatives while they are dedicating lots of hours to this encouraging project.

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