Who we are?

The team that composes Història d’un futur are:

Integrants de l'equip que formen Història d'un futur

Marc Clarió

Production, realization, edition and montage

Fotografia d'en Marc ClarióI come from the world of the public labor, tough jobs outside until my health could not stand it anymore. From this moment , with the help of my family and friends I start a new passionate adventure in the world of audiovisual, recording, mounting, coproducing and producing special human castles days (Marrecs TV).

With the impossibility of working in the same jobs as I used to for a long time, I am going to learn from the beginning. I am going to start with a specialization course of using the camera and video editing but I still want more…

This documentary is the opportunity of learning and doing a service to our country, I some ways, giving voice to those who have a lot to tell and we do not normally listen to.


Joan Carles Moreno

Photography director and camera assistant

Fotografia Joan Carles MorenoI studied industrial mechanics, with the specialization in programming CNC machines and in systems and ISO rules of quality control. I was doing these jobs for a long time, in good companies of plastic molds and in charge of the mechanic workshop. But with these jobs I did not feel fulfilled, that was not my passion… I have always been surrounded by photo cameras and videos at home, thanks to my father’s hobby, and thanks to him one day I quitted my job and my economic balance, and I decided to dedicate my life to my second job, my avocation in photographies. Here was when Giroimatges was born, the business, along with my partner Pau Moya, we fight everyday for since nine years ago. I am currently in charge of the content of the magazines Revista Esguard and Revista Sentits, both of them for mobile phones.

When Marc Clarió proposed me to work on this project, I did not think it twice and I accepted immediately. It has been an enriching project for myself and for my knowledge and I hope it to be too for all of you who have the chance to see the result of all our efforts.


Bernat Garrigós


Fotografia d'en Bernat GarrigósBiologist and Master in Environmental management. My life has moved around family business projects and my avocation in birds, photography, video, human castles and sports. Nowadays, I am involved with the sovereigntist process of Catalunya and the willing of making this country a better place to live in all together and specially the ones who will come after us.

Pau Gaya


Fotografia Pau GayaTechnical engineer of informatics systems and lover of the audiovisuals. I have combined my informatics job inside the world of audiovisuals for a long time and, along with a group of friends, we began in this world crating a Television and cinema producer. Later, with Marc, we started a new project of transmitting, on internet, of human castles days, an encouraging and innovating project that required our daily overcoming.


Ana Mosquero

Camera assistant and communication 2.0.: web

Fotografia Ana MosqueroI studied Publicity and Public relations and I was specialized in the audiovisual section. I have been working as a producer, screenwriter and director and now I am involved in 3.0 communications, creating web pages, doing audiovisual projects and exerting as community manager. I am very curious, I like learning new things every day and discovering things about life, and that is why I am involved I this project. Having the opportunity of listening to the experience of these people who have a lot to say and living so close their witness, makes me grow personally.


Ester Bertran

Interviews and documentation

Fotografia Ester BertranI am graduated in audiovisual communication, and I am currently a journalist of Tv3 in Girona. I love the world of cinema,  short films and documentaries. Director and screenwriter of “Fuzzy”, a musical short film, co-director and screenwriter of the documental “Benvingut a casa” and the author of the video “Ho portem dins”. I devote my free time in doing short films and in the world of Clown, I am currently taking classes of gestural humor. I can never stand still and I love working in team, meeting new people and the professional challenges. My phrase, even though it is very typical: “Carpe Diem” This documentary has brought me a great experience, personally and professionally, and I am greatly surprised seeing the human value of the interviewed. They have transmitted me a different point of view, of wisdom and positivism. An essential background to understand the actual situation and this has made them take the position against or towards the sovereigntist process. A unique and one-off experience..


Quim Alegret

Professional Sizard, camera assistant and in charge of social networks.

Fotografia Quim Alegret

Due to health matters and wanting to learn new things, I happened to be a part of a team where human castle days were broadcast. I am a lover of the audiovisual world, observer. I feel kind of responsible of the laughter that has surrounded us during all the process of this documentary, inasmuch as it was a part of my job. I am very pleased with the production team of this project, I have learnt a lot of things from all of them.

Lola Pi


Fotografia Lola PiI am a professional photographer, qualified in Buenos Aires with the certificate of Direction in photography. During my degree I knew, see and stir from the beginnings of analog films, including printing on paper in laboratories, to digital photography, adding publicity adverts, video clips… all these experiences are the ones who have opened the doors to work on this interesting and enthusiastic project. It takes me back again to my country, after being in a foreigner country for a long time. The huge opportunity of knowing a new country and its people’s opinions. In photography terms, I have always been attracted by portraits. It is wonderful to observe and getting the instant moment when somebody’s soul is captured. It was very enriching and thrilling to evoke the moments of our/your characters, these old people that could be my own, yours or everybody else’s grandparents. I dedicate my free time in learning all the time basically. I love to discover new knowledge, to experience, to perfect the knowledge I already have by living my own present.



Carles Martinez

Sound Technician

Fotografia Carles MartínezSound Technician and electronic technician too, with music theory, harmony and acoustic studies. My beginnings are as a live technician of theatre and different musical bands, and later I started with the recording in studios, design and maintenance of Radio FM studios and an Interim of five years in Catalunya Ràdio that brought me to work in postproduction of sound in the audiovisual world, working with directors such as Ester Bertrán, Anna Cañigueral, Anna Teixidor, Marc Faro, Joan Vila, and in some productions of TV3.Also contributor of the theatre company Drakonia i del Bloom, Centre 3D and Tecnologies Emergents de Girona. This project represents my contribution, as a professional in the audiovisual sector, in the process of determination that the catalan society is trying to do these days.


Joan Ramon Planas

Graphic designer

Fotografia Joan Ramon PlanasI studied Graphic design at ’Escola Massana de Barcelona some years ago… from then I have been working in different studios in Girona and districts until the moment when I work only for me as a graphig designer, freelance and self-governing. A couple of years ago, along with two good friends, Marc and Pau, we started a new world for us and a beautiful challenge. It was to tape and broadcast human castle days. We have been doing different things in the world of audiovisuals and now we are involved in a new project, a very ambitious one, with other partners.