Roser Garriga

Entrevista a Roser Garriga a hdfutur

It makes her laugh and she puts an expectation face to that who explains her that we have interviewed a nun of the Missioneres Cor de Maria. Perhaps the expectant face comes from the imaginary collective when everybody relates nuns with a type of clothing, it is a habit.

Roser does not bring habit, and once you have known the expectation that generates you, when you listen her speaking, you realise that she speaks as only the ones who speaks from the heart know to do it.

Defender to the end of the weakest people and she is convinced that the society has to become independent from the elites that all direct it and control it.

She says:

When the human rights are attacked, me as a nun as well, I say that the Gospel is attacked too!

She is this part of the church that does so much work and that all these have been unobserved. I cannot forget to quote one of the sentences that more thrilled me,

You are idealistic when you are young, but I might be silly because I continue thinking the same!,

and it is with these sentences and the way she speaks that makes the head and the consciousness move and think more in the others.

In the future Catalonia we need to have more people like her, people that believe and convince to the citizenship. And if we free the country, we have to do it correctly and give to any citizen the opportunity to live under a worthy ceiling, with a good education and sanity, and for sure, enjoy full freedom.

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